Biofuel, any fuel that is derived from biomass—that is, plant or algae material or animal waste. Since such feedstock material can be replenished readily, biofuel is considered to be a source of renewable energy, unlike fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas.


Biomass Fuel Testing Market R & D including top key players Intertek, Bureau Veritas, SGS, Biomass Energy Lab, Mineral Labs, ALS, Eurofins Scientific – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper

North America, Europe, China, Japan, Rest of the World, September 2020,– – The Biomass Fuel Testing Market research report includes an in-sight study

EIA: Densified biomass fuel sales reach 670,000 tons in January | Biomassmagazine.com – Biomass Magazine

<img src="http://biomassmagazine.com/uploads/posts/web/2021/05/resize/EIADensifiedBiomassApril2021_16209413312442-300×300-noup.jpg" title="SOURCE: U.S. Energy Information Administration &lt/small>”> ADVERTISEMENT The U.S. Energy Information Administration recently released data showing U.S. manufacturers

Aemetis reports first quarter 2021 financial results | Biomassmagazine.com – Biomass Magazine

By Aemetis Inc. | May 13, 2021 <img src="http://biomassmagazine.com/uploads/posts/web/2021/05/resize/AemetisLogo_16209412487517-300×300-noup.jpg" title="&lt/small>”> ADVERTISEMENT Aemetis Inc., a renewable natural gas and renewable fuels