Biofuel, any fuel that is derived from biomass—that is, plant or algae material or animal waste. Since such feedstock material can be replenished readily, biofuel is considered to be a source of renewable energy, unlike fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas.


More than 500M gallons of RNG used as transportation fuel in 2020 | Biomassmagazine.com – Biomass Magazine

<img src="http://biomassmagazine.com/uploads/posts/web/2021/02/resize/RNGCoalitionNew2_16143797911694-300×300-noup.jpg" title="&lt/small>”> ADVERTISEMENT The U.S. EPA released data showing over 503 million gallons (EGE) of renewable natural gas (RNG)

US ethanol, biomass-based diesel RIN prices near all-time highs – EIA – ICIS

HOUSTON (ICIS)–Prices for US renewable identification number (RIN) credits have been rising steadily and are near all-time highs, largely because

Atmospheric aging enhances the ice nucleation ability of biomass-burning aerosol – Science Advances

Abstract Ice-nucleating particles (INPs) in biomass-burning aerosol (BBA) that affect cloud glaciation, microphysics, precipitation, and radiative forcing were recently found