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If you were a farmer, wouldn’t you prefer to just recharge your utility tractor, instead of refuelling it from your limited onsite supply of diesel? That’s exactly where the eUtility Electric Tractor is designed to come in.

Designed by California-based startup Solectrac, the eUtility is a rear-wheel-drive 40-HP diesel-equivalent electric tractor powered solely by an onboard 28-kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack. One full charge should reportedly be good for four to eight hours of runtime, depending on the load, although that figure can be extended by mounting an extra battery pack on the vehicle’s optional three-point front hitch.

Utilizing a standard charging system, the tractor has to be plugged in overnight for a full charge. If a fast-charging system is used, however, an 80-percent charge can be reached in just three hours. According to the company, the battery pack should last for a total of 3,500 charge/discharge cycles (at an 80-percent depth of discharge).

The eUtility Electric Tractor, seen here with its front loader

The eUtility Electric Tractor, seen here with its front loader


The eUtility’s rear hitch is compatible with all standard implements, excluding those that require hydraulics. That said, those can also be accommodated if an optional hydraulic pump is purchased. A 1,000-lb (454-kg)-capable front loader is also available.

The whole tractor weighs 4,400 lb (1,996 kg), has a top speed of 25 mph (40 km/h), and can be ordered with either 12 or 18 inches (305 or 457 mm) of ground clearance. Its base price is US$45,000.

You can see the eUtility Electric Tractor in action, in the following video.

Source: Solectrac

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Solectrac Electric Tractors – Wheelbarrow Farm

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