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Weight loss often takes many months to see results and the NHS recommends losing around one to two pounds a week. However the Fast 800 was developed by Dr Michael Mosley to help people lose weight as well as staying healthy and living longer. The diet plan involves eating a very low calorie diet consisting of 800 calories a day which will help overall body weight decrease as well as targeting harmful belly fat that is often very hard to shift.

The Fast 800 website explains that the diet works in burning fat in different ways and claims that consuming 800 calories, which is a huge deficit for everyone, is safe. 

Firstly, the diet works by putting your body in a metabolic state called ketosis, similar to the keto diet. 

The website says: “Your body is like a hybrid car; it runs on two different fuels – sugar and fat. When your body needs a quick burst of energy, the first fuel source it turns to is the glucose (sugar) in your blood. 

“Next it will draw on the sugar stored in your liver and muscle (glycogen). Only when this starts to run low does the body turn to its fat stores. 

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“Your body can’t just burn fat. Instead it turns some of your fat stores into ketone bodies, which it uses as energy. The buildup of ketones in your blood is called “ketosis”.

“When you are on a low calorie diet (800 calories a day) you will begin to rapidly use up your fat stores. The first fat to go will be that around your gut, the visceral fat. This is also the most unhealthy fat. Because The Very Fast 800 plan is also moderately low in carbohydrates, this will add to the fat burning.

“People worry about running out of energy on a low calorie diet, but the reality is that most of us have such big fat stores we could go for months without eating. The reason you may feel hungry and perhaps more tired than usual for the first week that you are on the diet is because your body is having to adapt to running on a different fuel, fat. But you should soon start to feel better – more energetic and clearer thinking.”

Secondly, excessive snacking is discouraged on the diet as this will add more calories into your diet as well as providing the body with unnecessary amounts of sugar. 

Eating sugary foods produces lots of insulin to bring your blood sugar levels down.

Unless this is burned off instantly to use that sugar up as energy, it will otherwise get stores as fat, meaning snacking can contribute to weight gain. 

Creator of the 5:2 diet, Micheal Mosley explains that 800 calories a day is sustainable enough to provide the body with enough nutrients and vitamins it needs.

He says: “Most rapid weight loss studies are now based on 800 calories a day, which is high enough to be sustainable and give the nutrients you need, and low enough to lead to rapid weight loss and other beneficial health changes.

“You might worry about getting hungry but most people who do the Fast 800 diet say that within a very short time your hunger passes. Rapid weight loss encourages your body to switch over to fat burning. It also reduces insulin levels, increases growth hormone and boosts levels of a hormone called BDNF in the brain, which helps improve your mood.

The Fast 800 as a weight loss plan is based on cutting-edge medical research. It works! It’s not so much a diet, as a bespoke weight loss planner, designed to fit around your own needs.

“It embraces time-restricted eating and the Mediterranean principles of consuming a diet rich in healthy proteins and vegetables and lower in carbs. 

“Healthy fats such as olive oil and nuts are encouraged and the occasional glass of wine or bite of dark chocolate is allowed, so that people eat well, remain sated and don’t feel deprived.”

However with every diet, it may not be suitable for everyone and those wishing to try it out should consult their doctors beforehand. 

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