New biological platform converts corn fibre into ethanol – Biofuels International Magazine

Novozymes has launched Fiberex, a comprehensive platform based on novel enzymes and yeast strains to convert corn fibre into ethanol.
Fiberex is specifically aimed at breaking down tough fibres in the corn, providing producers with greater operational flexibility.
The technology converts a low-value by-product into high-value, low-carbon fuel while also enabling the production of significantly more corn oil.
“Through advanced biology, biofuel producers looking to diversify can now unlock new markets and avenues of profitability,” said Brian Brazeau, Novozymes’ vice president for Bioenergy. “Working with Novozymes and our expert analytics and engineering partners, producers can use Fiberex technology to transform their corn fiber, typically only used for animal feed, into low-carbon, high-value cellulosic ethanol.”
Novozymes is one of the technology leaders in fibre conversion, enabling new revenue for biofuels producers from low-carbon credits such as in California and EPA’s cellulosic RIN credits.
Through Fiberex, Novozymes is collaborating with the biofuel industry to further expand the boundaries of corn-based ethanol –…

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