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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – When it comes to renewable energy, experts say Nevada is in the driver’s seat. Plenty of sun for solar, battery storage technology, and even geothermal to draw from; it’s an exciting time for people like Vanessa Robertson with Envirolution. Her organization helps teach children about clean energy.

“Our mission is to inspire and engage the next generation to prepare them for the future work force; future clean energy jobs,” says Robertson who is the Co-Executive Director of Envirolution.

Question 6 asks the voter:

“Shall Article 4 of the Nevada Constitution be amended to require, beginning in calendar year 2022, that all providers of electric utility services who sell electricity to retail customers for consumption in Nevada generate or acquire incrementally larger percentages of electricity from renewable energy resources so that by calendar year 2030 not less than 50 percent of the total amount of electricity sold by each provider to its retail customers in Nevada comes from renewable energy resources? ” Currently Nevada only gets about 20% of its energy from renewable resources. Those who support Question 6 say we can do better.

Question 6 would require local utilities adhere to renewable portfolio standards or RPS. An RPS is a mandate to electric utilities to generate a minimum amount of electricity from eligible renewable energy sources. In this case 50% by 2030.

Nevada would the 30th state to officially implement RPS by placing into our constitution.

Those opposed to Question 6 say utilities’ hands should not be tied. They should be concerned about the cost of energy and go with what is least expensive for customers. The opposition says Nevadans could be the unwilling risk takers when it comes to paying the bill to heat their homes.

State Office of Energy Director David Bobzien says he does not endorse or oppose Question 6. But he does add some perspective as to energy resources available in Nevada, and what those resources have and could mean for our economy.

“The technology has so progressed that it really is the least cost opportunity for energy in the state,” says Bobzien, Director of the State Office of Energy. “We see the providers of electricity in this state, having filed plans, with development in the works to achieve these goals. So, this level of the RPS is not far off from becoming reality. This sends a very strong signal, to the industry, to the market that Nevada is open for business when it comes to solar development and renewable energy development,” says Bobzien.

2018 Nevada voters approved Question 6 by a margin of 60 to 40 percent. In 2019 the Nevada Legislature approved the measure. And now it is again in the hands of the voter.

If approved Question 6 will become constitutional law.

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