Governments embrace ‘build back better’ policies – Biofuels International Magazine

There is growing evidence that many Asian governments are committed to enabling the enhanced development of bioenergy and biofuels to play a major part in the region’s rebuild from the economic impact of COVID-19.
While the coronavirus pandemic has clearly inflicted a severe economic hit across Asia, widespread resilience and determination is already being shown by energy and transport ministers in several of the region’s countries.
It helps, of course, that many nations had good working plans in place prior to the arrival of COVID-19, reflecting a genuine desire to secure a clean energy base before the century reaches its midpoint.
Despite the urgency of today’s human and economic pressures, therefore, it is impressive that such plans are being upheld in many cases and even increased in some.
Japan’s emphasis on renewables
Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry, Kajiyama Hiroshi, addressing an International Energy Agency (IEA) summit in July, voiced strong support for the establishing of “robust and
clean energy systems” in response to the lessons of COVID-19. Such systems, he went on, will see…

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