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Ron Kotrba, editor, Biobased Diesel Daily


Featured article by Kotrba highlights biodiesel’s message of unity and well-being

For the growing number of people who accept climate change is caused and can be slowed or reversed by human activity, then biodiesel is an effective low-carbon solution that is available today.”

— Ron Kotrba, editor and publisher, Biobased Diesel Daily

WARREN, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, November 11, 2020 / — The National Biodiesel Board recently unveiled its new “Biodiesel Sustainability Now” website, which features sections such as “Sustainability Stories,” where readers can get inspired by biodiesel and renewable diesel in action; “The Basics,” which includes fundamental information about biodiesel and renewable diesel, explanations of terms and acronyms, and fact sheets; an area dedicated specifically for student scientists; and a “From the Experts” section, which features opinion, commentary and writings from people such as Matt Herman, the director of environmental science at NBB; and Ron Kotrba, owner of RonKo Media Productions LLC and editor and publisher of Biobased Diesel Daily.

The mission of the NBB’s new website is to convey that biodiesel and renewable diesel are sustainable solutions available today to combat climate change.

Kotrba’s article, “Biodiesel: A Message of Unity and Well-Being,” discusses the many benefits biodiesel provides to the environment, our health, the economy, and communities.

“Biodiesel has a great story to tell—a unifying, healing message,” Kotrba writes. “It is one that must be told to policymakers, regulators, and consumers lest the ‘electrify-everything’ movement steamrolls our narrative before it is even considered. … For the growing number of people who accept climate change is caused and can be slowed or reversed by human activity, then biodiesel is an effective low-carbon solution that is available today. Lifecycle analyses show soybean oil-based biodiesel can reduce GHG emissions by up to 72 percent compared to petroleum diesel fuel. And waste-based biodiesel, such as that made from used cooking oil, can slash GHG emissions by upwards of 86 percent. … State and national policies regulating carbon are and will continue to be implemented by stick and by carrot. Wouldn’t it be wise to grab the carrot and run as far ahead of the stick as possible, so as not to get hit? … While those with unclear motives pushing the electrification agenda want us to wait decades to realize the benefits of their risky play, biodiesel and its myriad benefits are available today.”

Kotrba recently launched Biobased Diesel Daily as a trusted, next-generation source of news and information serving the growing biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) industries and markets. Previously, Kotrba served as editor in chief of Biodiesel Magazine, a publication he served for nearly 16 years, from January 2005 to August 2020. In 2019, Kotrba was honored by the National Biodiesel Board with its Eye on Biodiesel Influence award for his years of trusted, dedicated coverage of the biodiesel and renewable diesel industries.

Biobased Diesel Daily encourages those who are interested in reliable news along with compelling opinion pieces and feature articles on biodiesel, renewable diesel and SAF to sign up for its e-newsletter, Biobased Diesel Weekly, coming this fall, and its biannual print publication, Biobased Diesel Biannual, coming in 2021, by filling out a short form in the footer of the website. Biobased Diesel Daily is building a grassroots readership and encourages those who have appreciated Kotrba’s work over the past decade and a-half to sign up.

“So far, in just the past few weeks, we have developed a consistent readership from people all over the world,” Kotrba said. Biobased Diesel Daily has website visitors from all six populated continents, with a concentration of readers in Europe, North America and Asia. “I am so grateful to my readers for helping me get this new venture off the ground. I truly believe serving the biobased diesel market and helping it grow and prosper is one of my purposes in life, and I am thankful to continue this work through Biobased Diesel Daily.”

Biobased Diesel Daily is offering introductory rates as low as $50 a month for advertising on its website, but the premium positions for 2021 are selling out fast. For more information, email or call 218-745-8347.

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