GPS and VARO embark on further expansion with new port rail system – Biofuels International Magazine

GPS Group, the storage and logistics provider, and VARO Energy have revealed they are strengthening their strategic partnership.
The expansion of their contractual relationship includes the formal construction of a new railway line and ethanol storage tanks at the Port of Amsterdam.
VARO, a downstream energy company active in north-west Europe, will support GPS in maximising opportunities across its markets and will continue to play a vital role in the logistics provider’s expansion plans.
The new railway line and ethanol storage tanks are set to connect to 17 Class 1 tanks at the port, the world’s largest trading and blending hub for petrol and its components.
The new infrastructure is the latest development in GPS’s ambitious plans at the port to continue to grow its facilities at the site and boost value added services. Last year, the business expanded its Class 1 certified storage capacity from 148,500 m3 to 282,500 m3, allowing it to scale up its capabilities and fulfil growing demand for its services.
The latest phase sees the new state-of-the-art facility upgraded once again to just under 300,000 m3 storage with the addition of the railway line aiming to support growing production needs especially for biofuels and gasses.
Eric Arnold, CEO at GPS, said: “This is an important investment that will open up a whole range of new possibilities to support both our client’s and our own further expansion plans, especially in the important focus area of ESG, where we aim to continue to identify more environmentally friendly logistics alternatives for our clients and sustainable business cases in growth segments such as biofuels and gases.”
Roger Brown, CEO of VARO Energy, added: “This is yet another important step forward in our strategic partnership with GPS, which I believe shows the commitment from both sides to the success of the Amsterdam Terminal both today and for many years into the future.”

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