New Airbus A380 for Emirates powered by SAF – Biofuels International Magazine

Emirates has welcomed the first of three new A380s to join its fleet that was powered by a blend of jet fuel and sustainable aviation fuel.
The aircraft arrived in Dubai in the early hours of Saturday morning and is the fleet’s 116th A380.
Emirates is scheduled to receive two more A380 aircraft later this month.
This is the first time the airline is using sustainable aviation fuel to power an A380. The biofuel used for the flight was produced from used cooking oil in Finland.
Sir Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airline, said: “Sustainability remains very much on our agenda at Emirates. We are watching developments in sustainable aviation fuel very closely, and we look forward to a time when it can be produced at scale, and in a cost competitive manner. Our latest A380 delivery flight was partially powered by sustainable aviation fuel and this is a positive step towards reducing our overall emissions.”
Emirates continues to support initiatives that contribute to the development of the SAF industry and wider deployment of biofuels. The airline is part of the Steering Committee of the Clean Skies for Tomorrow coalition, established by the World Economic Forum to promote the development of SAF.
Emirates has also supported a series of webinars on the future of SAF in the UAE, hosted by Khalifa University. A third of Emirates’ crew transportation buses in Dubai currently are powered by biofuels, with its one of its main crew bus transport contractors, Al Wegdaniyah, adopting biofuel supplied by Neutral Fuels.
Emirates also runs a robust fuel monitoring system. On the ground, the airline implements fuel-efficient practices where possible, such as the use of power units that consume less energy and switching one or two engines off while taxiing in after landing.
Other operating initiatives include idle reverse thrust on landing, loading efficiency improvements, aircraft weight management and the introduction of electronic flight bags for cockpit crew.

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