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Branded “Z Bio D”, the low-carbon fuel was introduced at a Z truck stop in Auckland.

Z Energy has launched branded biodiesel at Z truck stops in New Zealand for the first time in the company’s history. Branded “Z Bio D”, the low-carbon fuel will be available to diesel users at the Z Highbrook truck stop in Auckland.

“Z Bio D” is a blend of five per cent biodiesel made from a waste feedstock, mixed with 95 per cent regular diesel.

Z’s General Manager of Supply, David Binnie said that converting the pumps to biodiesel at Z Highbrook is part of the company’s intention to continue delivering on low carbon fuels.

The company intends on using the initiative to learn more about how customers are using a low-carbon fuel truck stop.

Z Highbrook service station will continue to sell regular diesel, as well as other Z truck stops in the area.

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