Cisco Achieves 100% Renewable Energy in US – Environment + Energy Leader

(Credit: Pixabay)

Cisco announced that the company has have achieved 100% renewable energy for its US operations this fiscal year.

Cisco also recently announced CSR goals for its fiscal year 2025 – committing resources to accelerate contributions to a circular economy well into the future. Cisco’s fiscal year 2025 goals include:

  • 100% of new Cisco products and packaging to incorporate circular design principles
  • 20% decrease in the use of virgin plastic (FY18 base year)
  • 50% improvement in product packaging cube efficiency (FY19 base year)
  • 75% reduction in Cisco packaging foam use measured by weight (FY19 base year)

Cisco’s Silicon One internet solution is one way the company is striving to deliver more sustainable products and services. The company says that, in the case of a cloud data center with 110,000 servers, the implementation of Cisco Silicon One could save up to 580kW of energy and up to $9.75 million dollars in energy costs.

Cisco says these efforts reflect just some of the steps the company is taking in support of the global commitments made under the Paris Climate Agreement five years ago. Cisco’s hope is that when it comes to protecting the environment, the company’s most significant impact will be helping the IT industry have no impact at all.



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