Horner sceptical about transition to E10 biofuel in 2022 – GPblog

Formula 1 is looking for ways to reduce its impact on the environment in the coming years. One of these is the use of more biofuels by 2022, but Red Bull Racing would like to postpone that transition.

More than 5% of the fuel currently used in Formula 1 cars is bioethanol, and from 2022 it is supposed to be 10%. The well-known E10, which most people also fill up at the pump. Because they are now also talking about a possible freeze on engine development from 2022 onwards, the teams are still sceptical about E10.

E10 may not be worth it

“We prefer a fully sustainable nuclear fuel introduced with the new power source,” said Horner to Motorsport.com. To switch to a higher percentage of bioethanol in the meantime only costs extra money, according to Horner, and he wonders if it is worth it. “The introduction of such a fuel has consequences, and those consequences are undeniably very costly.”

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