How Metal Gear Solid 2 actually predicted the future – Looper

Metal Gear Solid 2‘s plot revolves around a young rookie agent named Raiden being manipulated by an organization called the Patriots and the group’s S3 Plan (the Selection for Societal Sanity) to influence world events and the decisions of individuals. When a terrorist group known as the Sons of Liberty take the United States President hostage, Raiden is sent in to rescue him. As Raiden comes to find out, the hostage situation was all part of a plot staged by the Patriots to control humanity and manipulate Raiden’s behavior as a soldier.

In the closing scenes of Metal Gear Solid 2, the truth about the Patriots and the group’s intentions are revealed. A lengthy dialogue between Raiden and his commander, Colonel Campbell, describes the digitized world being flooded with “trivial” information (memes and rumors), which drowns out anything worthwhile and informative.

The game predicts a world where a person’s digital history is tracked and used to curate misinformation directed toward them, oftentimes in the form of fake news that contradicts valid reports. Moreover, Metal Gear Solid 2‘s plot serves as a warning about profiling personal data and behavioral engineering.

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