Administration for Market Regulation keeps city running smoothly – SHINE

More than 410,000 companies were registered in the city last year, up 13.7 percent from a year earlier, Shanghai’s market watchdog has reported. 

About 1.5 million complaints, tips-off and inquiries were handled last year, and more than 500,000 flawed commodities were recalled in 2020, the Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation said on Friday.

A total of 11,500 food operation companies have been included in the city’s food tracking mechanism, and 49,000 food samples were tested last year. 

The city had 313 B5 biodiesel stations with gutter oil turned into biodiesel by the end of 2020, according to the administration. 

Around 12,000 elevators in Shanghai had been equipped with remote-monitoring installations connected to the city’s comprehensive operation management platform, enabling automatic monitoring and alarms to improve the response to emergencies, the administration said. 

The installations can spot sudden breakdowns and if people are trapped, automatically sending the information to the city’s intelligent elevator platform.

Nearly all elevators in use in Shanghai have a QR code now, allowing riders to alert authorities and maintenance workers if they are trapped.

More than 1.66 million trademarks were registered by the city’s market regulators last year, growing 17.8 percent from 2019. 

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