From the Farm: Biodiesel fuel –

(WCIA) — To reduce the use of petroleum-based diesel fuel, many fleet operators with diesel engines are incorporating blends of biodiesel, made from soybean oil. 

There’s a legislative initiative to expand that.

The Illinois Soybean Growers want their director of governmental affairs, Mike Levin, to convince lawmakers to increase the incentives for the use of biodiesel.

“What we’ve been working right now is working with various fleets across the state and having them utilize the B-20 blend in their fleets,” says Levin. “All the way from the Chicago Park District, to the DuPage County Forest Preserve to the city of Moline and others are absolutely involved in our B-20 Club using B-20 in their fleets.

“And so again, with this idea of really expanding and turning this to more of a standard and allowing that when diesel sales are made here in this state they will be made with a B-20 blend.”

Levin says there is a lot more biodiesel that could be produced and used in transportation fleets..

“Right now we are at the capacity of 170 million gallons of biodiesel here in Illinois,” he says, “and with that production at capacity with believe that with further production, of the soybeans we have here in this state, that we will absolutely be able to handle the production that is needed, and the sales that will occur through a standard like this.”

Legislative incentives could be in the form of reduced fuel taxes for biodiesel use. 

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