Govt should shed its ‘arrogance’, reduce fuel taxes: Congress – National Herald

Citing figures to substantiate his claim, he said in May 2014, the international crude oil price was USD 108 per barrel and petrol was selling at Rs 71.51 per litre in Delhi while diesel was selling at Rs 57.28 a litre.

The international crude oil prices as on February 25, 2021 are USD 65.70 per barrel, but the price of petrol has increased to Rs 91.17 per litre in Delhi whereas diesel is selling at Rs 81.47 per litre in Delhi, he pointed out, alleging that the BJP regime has increased petrol rates by 820 per cent and diesel by 258 per cent since it came to power.

He also said the price of domestic gas cylinder has increased by Rs 200 in the last three months and accused the government of consistently misrepresenting facts about subsidy on LPG cylinder.

We demand the immediate withdrawal of ‘Modi tax’ of Rs 23.87 and Rs 28.37 per litre on petrol and diesel, which was increased by the Modi government since May 2014. This is not a favour, the people deserve relief in these hard pandemic times. This reduction will reduce petrol price to Rs 67.39 per litre and Diesel price to Rs 53.10 per litre, Singhvi said.

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