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Royal HaskoningDHV alongside University Maritime Advisory Services will undertake an energy demand study for the Port of London Authority (PLA).
This builds on the Emission Reduction Roadmap for Inland Vessels on the tidal Thames, released in 2020 that sets out options available for reducing air and carbon emissions.
These include biofuel and emissions abatement as the report concluded a mix of energy provisions will be needed to suit the different operational needs on the tidal river.
The aim of the energy demand modelling is to assess the energy solutions and infrastructure needed to support decarbonisation in order to create certainty for adoption of low carbon technologies, for operators on the Thames, including the PLA’s own vessels.
It will help the PLA and the wider Thames community in making their investment decisions.
The first phase of the study will look at the different needs along the tidal Thames between now and 2050, when the UK is legally obliged to achieve net zero, based on stakeholder contributions and previous research by the PLA.
Factors considered will include the speed of technological change for both inland and international shipping fleets, future growth, geographic constraints, safety, supply chain, current regulations, and commercial viability.
James Trimmer, director of planning and environment, said: “The Energy Mapping and Demand Project will allow us to set out a clear plan for what will be installed where and when, helping us, other operators and landowners make decisions on investments in innovative technologies. It will also support the development of new jobs and business services as the transition to new technologies progresses.”
The model will be developed over the next couple of months. The summary of the results will be published on our website later in the year to help all relevant stakeholders access the information.

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