Japan’s Toyota Tsusho supplies biodiesel fuel to ship in Singapore – The Mainichi – The Mainichi

A marine fuel supply ship, front, performs a trial to supply biodiesel fuel to Nippon Yusen’s bulk carrier, Frontier Jacaranda, back, at the port of Singapore on June 11, 2021. (Photo courtesy of Toyota Tsusho Petroleum, NNA/Kyodo)

SINGAPORE (NNA/Kyodo) — Japanese trading house Toyota Tsusho Corp. performed a trial to supply biodiesel fuel to a cargo ship in Singapore earlier this month as part of efforts to help reduce greenhouse gases.

The establishment of the procurement and regular use of biofuel, which are expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the port of Singapore, the world’s largest marine fuel market, would help to shift toward a carbon-free society, the company said in a news release Tuesday.

Toyota Tsusho’s shipping fuel subsidiary in Singapore, Toyota Tsusho Petroleum Pte. Ltd., sold biofuel to Japanese shipping company Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha and performed a trial for ship-to-ship bunkering for Nippon Yusen’s bulk carrier, Frontier Jacaranda, at the port of Singapore on June 11.

It was the first attempt by the marine fuel industry to supply biofuel to a Japanese company’s oceangoing vessel in Singapore, according to the trading arm of the Toyota Group, including auto giant Toyota Motor Corp.

The fuel was derived from waste cooking oil in Singapore and the initiative “contributes to the circular economy while creating a supply chain that is close to domestic production,” the company said.

In October last year, the Toyota Tsusho Group began supplying liquefied natural gas fuel to ships using ship-to-ship bunkering for the first time in Japan.

The group also conducted the first trial of biofuel operation by a marine fuel supply ship in Singapore in April this year and plans to continue trials through September in an effort to help switch to alternative fuels for ships, it said.

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