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New Delhi [India], July 2 (ANI / SRV Media): The government has declared that it will mandate the use of flex-fuels, but Lomat has aligned its vision with the government and is focusing on implementing flex-fuel engines. ..

Rawmatt is looking for ways to add ethanol distribution through a network of pumps.

On December 30, 2020, the Federal Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Hon’ble, will provide financial support to enhance ethanol distillation capacity from molasses-based distilleries as well as grain-based distilleries. Approved the expansion of.

He added that energy agriculture would be a legitimate step towards improving the environment. The Ethanol Mixing Program (EBP), launched in 2003, has been updated and the government has set ambitious goals of 10% ethanol mixing by 2022 and 20% ethanol mixing by 2030.

Rawmatt has partnered with India’s largest ethanol producer, the MRN Group, and is currently working together to advance the government’s vision and is making many leap towards sustainability. .. They are working with the sole mission of freeing India’s air from pollution by expanding its services. This organization is always dedicated to improving and healthier air quality in India.

Rawmatt is steadily consolidating its position in the alternative / biofuel industry. The organization is in the process of finalizing strategic locations for the E100 Dispensing Stations in the Vidharbha and Karnataka districts. According to the government, the country has been rigorously working on various approaches to improving the environment.

Kaustubh Padmesh Gupta, CEO of Rawmatt Industries, said: Rawmatt Industries looks forward to further investing in the latest innovative technologies to provide the best in the country’s automotive sector. “

As Hon’ble Union Minister of Road Transport in Shri says correctly. Nitinji Gadkari states that ethanol is a better fuel than other fossil fuels, an import alternative fuel, cost effective, pollution-free and indigenous.

This government initiative is to help farmers as a whole bring positive economic growth to the country and rural India. Therefore, a better vision of the future is on its way, and Lomat strives to be a valuable asset in promoting the government’s ethanol and biofuel mission through their rigorous efforts.

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